Stevie Nicks inspired Platform boots

Stevie Nicks is well known for wearing Suede Platform boots almost all the time, with all sorts of dresses made out of Chiffon and Lace, and Gypsy skirts, and different types of scarves. I have been looking for a pair of Platforms like hers for a long time and I could never find a pair probably because hers is custom made. 

On Saturday I walked into Legit and I was pleasant surprised by what I found! A pair of Platform boots very similar to what she wears I just had to have it besides it was only R200 and absolutely gorgeous! 

These boots are perfect for Winter, Autumn, Spring and if you really want Summer, I would definitely not do that during a Cape Town Summer. 

You can wear these boots with almost any outfit, dresses, flowy long skirts, jeans and you could add some stockings of your choice, and Crimp it if that’s what you’re into or Straighten it completely and rock it however you like.

Be careful with the Suede or Suede-like fabrics it strains easily and you can’t get it out, also you can’t wash fabrics like this with soap and water :)

Enjoy and Have fun,

The Sister of the Moon.  

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