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Stevie Nicks inspired Platform boots

Stevie Nicks is well known for wearing Suede Platform boots almost all the time, with all sorts of dresses made out of Chiffon and Lace, and Gypsy skirts, and different types of scarves. I have been looking for a pair of Platforms like hers for a long time and I could never find a pair probably because hers is custom made. 

On Saturday I walked into Legit and I was pleasant surprised by what I found! A pair of Platform boots very similar to what she wears I just had to have it besides it was only R200 and absolutely gorgeous! 

These boots are perfect for Winter, Autumn, Spring and if you really want Summer, I would definitely not do that during a Cape Town Summer. 

You can wear these boots with almost any outfit, dresses, flowy long skirts, jeans and you could add some stockings of your choice, and Crimp it if that’s what you’re into or Straighten it completely and rock it however you like.

Be careful with the Suede or Suede-like fabrics it strains easily and you can’t get it out, also you can’t wash fabrics like this with soap and water :)

Enjoy and Have fun,

The Sister of the Moon.  

My Vintage Bag Discovery

Ever venture into your grandmothers closet??? It may seem like something completely daft or pointless but I assure you there are many a hidden gem to be found.

Here’s my adventure: 

Sunday started as any other Family Sunday would, Cake, Tea and the usual banter of my aunts gathering around to catch up on the last weeks happenings. Ah the blessings of a big family… but at times the routine visit to grans could get rather boring! 

So somehow my sister and I ended up relaxing in my grandmothers room talking randomly about fashion markets and then about bags… That’s when I remember my gran had a fetish for bags back in the day haha waaaaaay back as my gran is in her early 80s now. Just then I decided to search the closet to see if gran had kept some of her bags, so I got a stool and rummaged through the top compartments of the wardrobe and what I found I just had to share with you guys :D

Vintage ostrich Leather mustard hand bag

White Snake feel clutch

This one is my fave!

Makes you wonder hey ;) so before you dismiss your grandmothers taste in fashion do some snooping hehe 

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And remember beauty can’t be bought :) it comes from within your soul

LBD found at the You,Me and everyone we know market

While browsing around at the market I turned my back once and wow my friend Charne found the prettiest little black dress with a bow detailing on the bust. Its a perfect dress to dress up and turn into a sultry number or pair some flats with it and spend the day at the gardens. 

Definitely one of those little treasures waiting to be found at markets…

Before I forget to mention :)… It cost only R70!! Not bad for a first time bargain hunter.

Thanks for reading <3

And remember beauty can’t be bought :) it comes from within your soul 

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You, Me and Everyone we know market

A new experience

The “You,me and everyone we know market” was held on the 2nd of March at the Labia Theatre on Orange. The atmosphere was electric as the Dj spinned some beats while the crowd took to some well deserved retail therapy.

With a variety of designers such as Vintage Lover and Black Rose Bouquet you are sure to find something you through the bustling crowds and its free to enter so it is a perfect way to start your weekend without blowing crazy amounts of cash! We took to the market in a pack of four, ready for action, in the mood to have some fun.

Crazy shopper alert!

Introducing Charne our latest intermediary frugal shopper!!

:) this post is just a an introduction to our experience at the You,Me and Everyone know market… I’ll post our bargain treasures tomorrow :)

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Affordable night out

Need a trendy gorgeous look for a night out on the town??

Why not revamp your clothing, rearrange and  reinvent yourself :)

My ultra stylish friend Shelley is wearing- Top (which is actually a knitted dress) by Truworths which she got on sale for R99.00

The skirt and belt were purchased at a Vintage Sale for R100,.00 and R80.00 respectively and all her accessories are home made! Creative and affordable all the while utilising your everyday sneakers to maximize your saving and add some unique style to an already fun affordable night out ensemble.

Kudos! by far most fashion forward finance student! 

Thanks for reading <3

And remember beauty can’t be bought :) it comes from within your soul 

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Mission: R100 outfit

Saturday the 25th of February our mission: Search and find an entire outfit for under R100.

The location: City Bowl Market in Hope Street.The fashion market happens once a month with 30 different designer ,you are sure to find something you’ll love.

I am no fashion expert and do not consider myself trendy so dressed in flats and comfy clothing, my partner in bargain hunting Melissa and I hit the market with our limited budget,enthusiasm and Mel’s killer eye.

The first sighting of my own personal nirvana, adam & eve had a seasonal sale-A range of items that would have your heart doing flips.

While browsing through the rails I found a gorgeous navy blue high waisted skirt and fell inlove with it immediately. Being a curvy and short I have learnt what works for my shape and without trying it on I knew it would be perfect and with the price tag to match :) I am sure you would agree…

R40,Yes your eyes do NOT fool you. 40 bucks for a brand new Adam and Eve designer item!

Now the only issue I had with the market was that there is soooo much to choose from! I decided the aim of the outfit would have to be multifunctional so it could be adapted to Cape Towns unpretendable weather(PMS MUCH!) and was delighted when I found a mint vintage knitted pull over. It was second hand so for all you “germaphobs” I suggest a quick wash.

After and awesome day of shopping, it was my turn to play dress up:) I paired the mint knit with the skirt. It’s perfect for summer as it is airy and not bulky, pair the outfit up with stockings, a killer blazer and your favourite boots to convert it to a trendy autumn outfit 

TADA!!! #DrumRoll please and the total outfit cost just R90! And the shopping experience priceless!! For all your first time market shopper, I’d definitely recommend the City Bowl Market.

Thanks for reading <3

And remember beauty can’t be bought :) it comes from within your soul 

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