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Hey, It’s #ShoesDayI have to share these amazing trio of prints and colours… and yes It’s any girls favourite topic:…View Post

Hey, It’s #ShoesDay

I have to share these amazing trio of prints and colours… and yes It’s any girls favourite topic:…

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David Tlale Launches his VDT summer range

On Saturday I had the pleasure of witnessing some backstage action at David Tlale and LEGiT’s latest VDT summer launch at Parow Centre as well as organising some of the beautiful models who were chosen to showcase David Tlale’s newest spectacular clothing available at all LEGiT stores.



All the girls had individual looks styled by Raazieyah Sieed and make up by Yumna Stegman



Backstage the girls chilled and got to know one another.


Beautiful Metallics and Op Art designs are all the rage in the VDT range with a hint of 1920s Flapper influence



As the girls line up ready to show off their styled outfits MC Cece Ravela pumped out the crowd with her bubbly personality and of course LEGiT giveaways.


Dj Lloyd ripped the decks as the girls modeled their fierce outfits.









Whitney shopping up a storm! 


The models rubbing shoulders with Mr Tlale



Melissa with the man of the hour! 

Special thanks to all the models Sasha-Lee Bastick, Whitney Petersen,Candice Daniels, Cindy Goliath, Sarah Shamley, Lauren Ashleigh Parks, Tarynne Keown. You girls rocked the runway. Thanks to the bodyguards Matthew, Wallace , Dane and Steve to keeping things under control and of course Thank you Melissa and Shelley for making sure the event went off without a hitch!

Stevie Nicks inspired Platform boots

Stevie Nicks is well known for wearing Suede Platform boots almost all the time, with all sorts of dresses made out of Chiffon and Lace, and Gypsy skirts, and different types of scarves. I have been looking for a pair of Platforms like hers for a long time and I could never find a pair probably because hers is custom made. 

On Saturday I walked into Legit and I was pleasant surprised by what I found! A pair of Platform boots very similar to what she wears I just had to have it besides it was only R200 and absolutely gorgeous! 

These boots are perfect for Winter, Autumn, Spring and if you really want Summer, I would definitely not do that during a Cape Town Summer. 

You can wear these boots with almost any outfit, dresses, flowy long skirts, jeans and you could add some stockings of your choice, and Crimp it if that’s what you’re into or Straighten it completely and rock it however you like.

Be careful with the Suede or Suede-like fabrics it strains easily and you can’t get it out, also you can’t wash fabrics like this with soap and water :)

Enjoy and Have fun,

The Sister of the Moon.  

Boots,Booties and Wellies for winter

"And so the summer became the fall, I was not ready for the winter. It makes no difference at all. Cause I wear boots all summer long" -Stevie Nicks

So as we welcome the icy cold winter winds and the uncomfortable wet unpredictable showers of Cape Town, I know every guy is left wondering about ladies’ obsession with boots … Let me share a secret with you guys, a good pair of boots can make a women feel instantly sexy and always help fight the grey depression of winter.

I went a ‘mini’ search for the winter essential boots and found a good selection at great retailers.

Instant sexy- The Tan ankle boot was purchased at LEGiT under the VDT brand

Who says Wellies can’t be sexy?? Pick ‘n Pay clothing stocks a wide variety of designer wellingtons just ready waiting for you to take them home in the rain :)

Lace up is the latest trend heating up every possible brand… these are LEGiT VDT as well

The picture is a bit dark(Curse you berry!) but this little cutie is the most comfortable alternative to Ugs and alot more fashionable with cowboy detailing. Thanks to Fashion express you can look cute in booties ,stockings and shorts, My fav!

These boots are all under R300, not bad ;) makes it easier to purchase more than one pair

And remember beauty can’t be bought :) it comes from within your soul <3

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David Tlale’s LEGiT VDT Launch Party

Thanks to many of you I was lucky enough to win an all expenses paid trip to Johannesburg to attend the launch of David Tlale’s new exclusive ready to wear range for LEGiT.

I wanted to bring a little behind the scene action of the event and share my pamper trip with you guys…

The girls and I got to the military museum at early to have lunch and get our nails done before we hit the store to find the perfect VDT outfit at Legit.

Once we finished the most dramatic shopping spree I have ever been on, we headed back to my room at the Town Lodge in Sandton. Compliments of Legit :) 

After some primping and prepping BOOOOOM we were ready to head out and attend the most amazng event of the year.

And the lights went down and David Tlale appeared on stage with several gorgeous model while DJ Black Coffee spinned some awesome beats while models showcased the clothing.

Rubbing shoulders with some of South Africas celebs.

After an spectacular Cinderella evening we headed off into Jozi to paaaarty!!!

Thanks so much for the opportunity Legit and to my girls Lynn, Yolo, Bhavna and Gugu- thanks for making it a memorable night :) 

And remember beauty can’t be bought :) it comes from within your soul <3

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LEGiT VDT Hot Squad

Thanks to all the votes and endless support and encouragement, I am proud to announce that I have been chosen to apart of the LEGiT VDT Hot Squad!!! 

Nicole Dirks

Lynn Jasmine Martin

Gugulethu Kubheka

Yolokhazi Jakalase

Bhavna Ishwarpersad

Thanks once again for all the votes and I will be sure to keep everyone updated :D (biiiig smiles) and congratulations to the girls who won.

Legit VDT hot squad competition

Who would have thought that I would have entered a modelling competition!!

My manager forwarded the competition to me and I thought to myself “why not” it could be fun and after all I love Legit!!

So after officially making it to the top 50 YAY!! I now need extra support to make it to the top 20 so guys please vote for me…

Please click on the vote button :) thanks for reading

remember beauty can’t be bought :) it comes from within your soul 

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