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My Vintage Bag Discovery

Ever venture into your grandmothers closet??? It may seem like something completely daft or pointless but I assure you there are many a hidden gem to be found.

Here’s my adventure: 

Sunday started as any other Family Sunday would, Cake, Tea and the usual banter of my aunts gathering around to catch up on the last weeks happenings. Ah the blessings of a big family… but at times the routine visit to grans could get rather boring! 

So somehow my sister and I ended up relaxing in my grandmothers room talking randomly about fashion markets and then about bags… That’s when I remember my gran had a fetish for bags back in the day haha waaaaaay back as my gran is in her early 80s now. Just then I decided to search the closet to see if gran had kept some of her bags, so I got a stool and rummaged through the top compartments of the wardrobe and what I found I just had to share with you guys :D

Vintage ostrich Leather mustard hand bag

White Snake feel clutch

This one is my fave!

Makes you wonder hey ;) so before you dismiss your grandmothers taste in fashion do some snooping hehe 

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